Tuesday, November 23, 2010

AwesomeCloud, cat lover

Last weekend, we all went to the local animal shelter to look at the 80 cats that are up for adoption. We did not get another cat. However, AwesomeCloud got to interact with cats that are not his own, and he watched other children pet the cats too.

Ever since then, he has, more often than not, petted our cats the right way.

These little turning points may seem trivial, but they're important.

Oh! Another one! I was sweeping, and Cloud sat down on the edge of the hearth and said, "Aw dits."

Then he said it again. "Aw dits. Aw dits." I looked over and he was holding a book. "Aw dits," he said, beaming at me.

I swept past him and peered down so I could read the title of the book. It was "Opposites."

OMG. My kid can hardly speak, but he can read. (Or, rather, he can memorize what things say and then recall them out of context with no prompting.)

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  1. Exciting! And cute. I can hear "aw dits" in my head. =)