Saturday, November 6, 2010


So. We've been more than 24 hours without a car.

Unfortunately, the car still manages to occupy my mind more than anything except my son. And that's because he starts climbing all over me and/or whining if I let my thoughts drift back to the car for too long. I guess this is the consequence of falling in love with a vehicle that is designed to crumple like a cardboard box if it's hit by a truck.

Hey, at least the lady didn't plow into one of those middle-aged men driving Mazda Miatas. Her truck would've run right over one of those cute little cars and stopped on the opposite side.

The body shop guys don't plan to even look at my car until the adjustor stops by on Monday. So we're left hanging - is it salvageable or a total loss? I wouldn't be surprised if they slap some new doors on it and declare it good as new. But it's possible the opposite will happen.

I was going 20 MPH. The other lady was rapidly accelerating from a dead stop. It would be nice to think that in such a situation, the damage wouldn't be all that terrible. But there is a big difference between a Lincoln Monster Truck SUV and a 45.3 MPG petite Toyota Prius Hybrid.

Would we replace our Prius with another Prius? Absolutely. Like I said, I've fallen in love with the Prius. A Prius owner's love is sublime and hard to shake off. All the jokes out there about Prius owners are true. It's comparable to the love Miata owners feel for their cars. I don't know about SUV owners. I get the impression that many of them love their dogs.

Speaking of which, our neighbor stopped to help us, and drove us home after the police reports were done and the tow truck guy had come, and she had her dog in her SUV. Duchess the elderly black lab. Duchess was a good dog, after some barking and licking.

Anyway, so, we're carless. We could have gotten a rental last night; the insurance agency assured us they'd reimburse us. But we didn't. We're going to stick it out for the weekend and then deal with it on Monday morning, when people are around so I can ask questions.

Oh, did I also mention that our garage door opening mechanism snapped clean in half? Completely unrelated! And the garage door installer just called and said he was coming... Monday morning. Sweet. Let's everything happen at once please.

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