Friday, September 3, 2010

While waiting for the hurricane

Utility trucks were lined up in the mall parking lot. Groups of people were out taking down screenhouses. And Cloud and I went out shopping for a little something to bring to the cookout at my sister's house in NH tomorrow.

I've got appliances unplugged and flashlights lined up, and I'm thinking about a cookout in NH.

The wind is intermittent, and we've had a taste of rain, but nothing serious so far. In fact, it's actually pretty nice outside. Breezy and cool. My husband is off running an errand and he thought he'd swing by the beach, just to see how it looked. I can't imagine it looks very unusual right now. He said he'd be right back.

I put tubs of water around the hydrangeas to prevent them from being blown off their stalks, and baked corn bread to add to the stash of food we won't need to cook first, in case the power goes out.

All this prep and nothing to show for it yet. Sheesh. The 4-day rain shower two weeks ago was worse than this.

I hope I don't eat my words.

I did taste the cornbread. It was good.


  1. Our Earl is a joke. We haven't even gotten any rain. If I stare at the butterfly bush in the front of my bay window very, very carefully I can sometimes catch the leaves moving ever so slightly in the breeze. So much for the big scary storm. At least you were prepared. And the cornbread sounds yummy!

  2. Yes, we can console ourselves with cornbread!

    I guess it's just as well... our kids will have lots of other chances to witness a full-fledged hurricane, so we shouldn't be too disappointed. Researchers expect that another one like the Hurricane of 1938 will hit us one of these days. My husband has relatives who died in that one. And my great-grandparents lost their farm - in NH. Moving to Vermont before that happens again might be a good idea.

  3. Earl may be remembered as the hurricane that petered out. We still should get wind tonight. I canceled all my B&B guests rather than have guests with no toilets and showers. Fortunately more have called to book for tomorrow. Guess it's good we were threatened with a hurricane, because Rick is right. The Big One is due.

  4. Hooray for a petered out hurricane! Sorry to miss you on the Cape, we did go but more year I want to meet cloud!

  5. Oh yeah, I forgot to post that the hurricane did no damage... except the requisite basement flooding. *sigh*

    It's okay - I could have been more assertive and, I dunno, written you privately instead of just leaving you a comment. Guess I figured I'd leave you the option of not meeting us, in case you thought we were kooks last time. But I think you'll all like Cloud.