Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Audubon baby

AwesomeCloud and I just got back from the first-ever MA Audubon media and marketing volunteer meeting.

We have been assigned to.... Facebook!


No, no, it'll be fun. It actually plays to some of my strengths. Sure, it takes an enormous amount of restaint for me to write something one paragraph long, but I should learn to practice restraint. The blog idea was nixed in favor of the Facebook one-liners, but it's essentially the same thing... just... shorter... and I get to leave helpful comments when someone asks a question, too. And the staff will provide some of the content - photos and stuff. There's no such thing as too much content, so we'll add some of our own, too. Which means we need to show up more often. Audubon is going to have to become the place we go when we go somewhere.

Oh no. They're all going to become terribly sick of us. We are going to wear out our welcome so quick, it won't be funny.

But, the alternative is to be a lousy media volunteer, and that won't do anyone any good. They're all just going to have to get used to Destructo-Kid tearing around the visitor center, grabbing at fragile birds' nests and horseshoe crab shells and leaving a trail of rubble everywhere he goes.

(Side note to my sister: Yes, it's true. It was a little late coming, but we've finally reached the Destructo-Kid stage. I get what you've been going through now.)

There's not much action going on in the winter, so we'll use this time to implement our systems. I've also been assigned to spiff up the website. This is the website now. I'm supposed to add more content.

So, my long-windedness won't be wasted after all. I can write website articles.


In unrelated news, I'll be doing this on Saturday:

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