Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rain, rain, hurricane

Would you still want the rain
if it came in the form of a hurricane?

I was asking myself that question, poetically (I think in rhyme sometimes), yesterday. The answer was Yes. We need the rain, as much as we can get - preferably not all at once, but apparently God didn't ask me to weigh in on his weather plan this year.

I read somewhere that the average global summer temperatures are going to be higher from now on. We'll look back at 2010 and realize it was the last cool summer in memory, and they don't make summers like that anymore.

But I digress.

It's still sunny, but the wind is picking up. Most of the stuff in the yard has been brought in, and the basement has been prepped for flooding. I picked the last tomatoes, and am ready for the garden to be washed away. The woodpile is covered. We have candles. They're now saying that Hurricane Earl will downgrade to a Cat 2 or even a tropical storm, but that's still pretty windy.

I love extreme weather. I love the adrenaline rush. I love operating in survival mode. My every action has purpose.

AwesomeCloud doesn't have much experience with big storms - we've had some long storms, and two or three thunderstorms that he tolerated reasonably well. Losing the power might get his attention. But he tries not to cry if he sees we're not afraid, so maybe he'll follow our example and he'll be all right.

We're not expecting to lose any trees in the yard. I asked the arborist to check for weak trees, and all he found were some weak branches which he then removed. So the house is not in any imminent danger.

Also, we had the trees sprayed for winter moths, and they all look so much healthier now! All that winter moth damage from last year has healed over. Hopefully, in spite of the drought, our oak trees are back to being mighty.

But I can't speak for the trees all along the roads in our neighborhood.

(I am the Lorax! I speak for the trees!)

No no no. What I mean is that we may wake up on Saturday morning and learn that some trees are down on the road.

At least we don't live on the coast. We're on high ground.


  1. I grew up on the water in Connecticut. I love extreme weather, too. I guess good old Earl is turning out to be a big old bummer for us now (I live toward the western part of the state now). All the schools--except ours--are dismissing early. I'll bet they feel pretty foolish, since dismissal is in an hour and we haven't even had a drop of rain and the air is completely still.

    Hope Earl's visit is enough to give you the action you're looking for without being devastating!