Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Still sick

Day six of being sick!

This past week, the kid learned the all-important skill of entertaining himself while Mama collapsed helplessly in a chair and watched. He also learned, unfortunately, that if you cry and scream and punch Mama's knees with too much persistence, an invisible line will eventually be crossed and you will end up alone in a crib even though it is not naptime.

(I only did that once, and it turned into naptime because he quickly fell asleep.)

It rained entirely too much. If the weather had been beautiful, I would have collapsed on the front stoop and let him play with twigs in the driveway. (Oh no! He'll put his eye out! Horrible mother!) Alas, we couldn't do that, because it only stopped raining today, and today is not warm enough.

Tomorrow will be warm. Tomorrow I hope to breathe again. If I can breathe, we may take an actual walk around the neighborhood.

Last night, my lungs decided to play a game I call "cough till you barf." They deemed the game a success and played it again and again, until even the kid was staring at me in horror. Normally he can ignore a coughing fit as if it were the most normal thing on earth, and he seems to think that I can pick him up and spin him around even while I'm hacking my life away.

Today I seem to be keeping my lunch; in fact, I even ate a real lunch. So it's theoretically possible that tomorrow I may breathe.

If toddlers had better long-term memories, AwesomeCloud would probably recall this week as a week of hardship... until he remembered that next week, he's going into the hospital.

Week of hardship, here we come! Week of coughing and choking, good riddance!

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