Friday, March 26, 2010

Good surgery news

Yay! Flying colors! AwesomeCloud's surgery went well and his recovery is right on track. He gave us a little scare last night when he wouldn't pee, and the nurses were threatening having to insert a catheter while they busily tried all the alternatives first. They gave him an extra bag of saline solution and that finally did the trick. This morning I asked the surgical team if his peeing problems had any significance, and they said, "Nope! He looks great and he's exactly where he needs to be."

I, however, was not exactly where he needed me to be. I spent the whole morning in my bed-chair with him sprawled on my lap, and I had to wrench myself away to have an internet/lunch break. If he cries the whole time I'm gone, I won't be surprised. The nurse said she'd sit with him, but he doesn't care about that. Mama is the only one who matters.

We're watching cartoons on PBS, including Sesame Street. A bit of a weird experience for us. I can't say I'm eager to get the DVD player working again anytime soon. But while we're in the hospital, TV is an acceptable indulgence.

I was such a TV junkie when I was younger. How things have changed! Haha!

Thank you to everyone who left me prayers and well-wishes. Your wish for good news has come true so far. There's a list of things I need to watch for - infection, etc. - but I'm not going to fret unless a symptom actually appears.

Time for lunch. After that, I guess I'll plant myself under the kid again and stay there until dinner. Maybe tomorrow we'll try a stroller.


  1. YAY! Go Awesome Cloud for being Awesome! (And go you, Super Momma Who Makes All Things Better). ;)

    So happy to hear good news!

  2. Good deal....he is such an AWESOME patient.

  3. I'm so glad you're in good (ish) shape! Oh, the hospital...soon to be a MEMORY!

  4. Very glad to hear this wonderful news!

  5. YEAH!! So happy to hear things are going well!