Monday, March 22, 2010

Sick for surgery

AwesomeCloud is not sick, thankfully. If he were, we'd have to postpone surgery. The nurse practitioner said she'd listen to his chest for signs of congestion when we show up at pre-op, because they can't anesthetize him if he has traces of congestion.

I, however, am sick. I have had a hacking chest cold for eleven days straight. I think the worst is gone... I think. However, at my current rate of healing, I'll be well again sometime in early August.

I called the nurse practitioner to ask if this would be a problem. She wasn't there. I left a message. I also mentioned that if it were a problem, I'd totally understand.

Not being by my child's side because I can't kick a horrible suffocating chest cold... awesome.

However, there are some very, very, VERY ill children at Children's Hospital. Just because AwesomeCloud is expected to come out healthier and more complete than he's going in doesn't mean every child is so lucky. This cold could kill some of those children. Easily.

In other news, as of March 25, AwesomeCloud will officially no longer be a special needs child. He'll be completely normal in every way, aside from being far happier than most kids and being generally above-average awesome. And there's some healing to do after the surgery. Otherwise, he may as well have come from the non-special needs program, because there won't be a thing wrong with him.

He has even gained superb entertaining-himself skills these past 11 days. AwesomeCloud for the win!

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