Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Clear liquids diet, yay

Tomorrow is the Big Day. Actually, Thursday is, but tomorrow we go in for a day of pre-op.

Today we're on a clear liquids diet. I say 'we' because I'm doing my best to avoid eating solid food or drinking anything resembling milk in front of AwesomeCloud. We had Jello for lunch, and then I had ravioli and spinach at naptime, and that was the first solid food I ate all day. I'm still hoping to get a bowl of cereal in before getting him out of the crib. He's awake, but I'm not ready yet.

I'm stressed out - I admit it. How could I not be? I'm also physically exhausted from this everlasting, horrific cold. Even lying down is too much work, because I still have to breathe. I'm looking forward to effortless breathing again.

I'm stressed out. And I'm mentally stuck on the fact that I'm stressed out.

And I'm a little worried about the cats. I made some efforts to have an emergency cat-feeding plan, but I have a feeling the cats will slip through the cracks.

If there are any other areas of planning I totally forgot, I guess they'll be neglected too.

The giant squid is behind schedule; in fact it would need to be done today in order to be donated tomorrow. Not likely. Oh well, at this point I may as well finish it. I have another plan for it.

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