Saturday, January 23, 2010

The parents of a sixth grader at the school where my husband teaches runs an orphanage in Haiti. The school is having a donation drive to assist this orphanage. The parents of the child are there now, helping people left and right.

We haven't donated a thing yet. We haven't gotten around to navigating all the charities and researching their reputations. But this one goes direct. I can't imagine a charity more direct than a physical orphanage.

I'm guessing the family is a member of a wealthy, church-affiliated philanthropist/missionary group who are dedicated to their mission there.

If anyone wants the info to donate, I'll post it when I get it.


  1. Cod Mom,

    Love your blog. We corresponded at some time quite a while ago (we were united with our daughter from China one year ago). I've got great friends who work for Cape Cod National Seashore .... I digress.

    I am writing to tell you how fabulous your Martin Luther King blog was. You are a great writer, for sure. I've also wanted to respond to some of the adoption ups and downs that ALSO followed me around this past year. Phew ... although I do still clearly remember the days before Willow (my job, my time, my life), it has recently gotten easier and I have truly accepted my new life (I completely adore her, of course ... that isn't my point which I think you know). I felt that I was almost drowning; I could barely keep my head above water (my little one is quite spirited, passionate, and needy). I could only think seconds ahead. Well, I could go on, but really I am writing to say that I am finally starting to hit my stride--I finally feel a little bit like myself again. Here's a link to my blog, though I went through a dryspell of posting (which I believe will pick up again)

    By for now,
    Meryl Rose (Minnesota)