Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just a typical day, la la la

The cats are resolving territory disputes downstairs, and I am upstairs hiding from the baby, who is supposed to be napping. I hope he hurries. The Early Intervention lady will be here in less than half an hour, and if he hears me washing dishes, we can just forget about naptime. And dishes.

AwesomeCloud has had a few more firsts. Today he had his first time getting his fingers jammed. He's starting to let his fingers go wandering while he's in the shopping cart. Last week I found a flashlight among my purchases. He loves flashlights - when they're on! How did he know it was an amazing glowy flashlight when it was still in the packaging? (He probably didn't. He probably just grabbed a random object and I'm inventing a motive.)

He used to say "Daiie" for Daddy and "Da da" as a general catch-all term. However, it seems that enough people have responded to "Da da" with "Dada's not here!" or "There's Dada!" Now "Da da" means Daddy AND everything else.

He's started to throw his hands up after finishing a snack and announcing, "Da da!" This is good. His use of language is becoming more complex. He can now use 'words' to describe situations as well as objects.

He's learning how to pet the cats properly. He's still just a beginner, but it's important that he masters the skill early. When you grow up rescuing animals, not only should your first word be "cat" (or "dog" or "bunny") but touching the animals gently should be among your first motor skills.

He's not walking by himself yet. Alas. But he can walk around and around in a circle with me holding one hand.

Gotta go wash dishes. It's now or never.

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