Wednesday, January 13, 2010

As tall as the Cloud

AwesomeCloud grew two inches. In a month.


(I convinced my pediatrician to give me a copy of his growth chart. I was tired of hearing height/weight numbers thrown at me without proper context. Whoa. The kid ate some magic beans!)

(His daddy says if he keeps growing like that, he'll be as tall as Yao Ming. How tall is Yao Ming? I want to calculate how long it would take him, at two inches a month.)

(Okay, Yao Ming is 7'5" tall. At his current rate of growth, AwesomeCloud will reach Yao Ming's height in February, 2012, one month shy of his fourth birthday.)

(That means that, by human growth standards, two inches in a month is... freakish.)


Correction: It actually took him 5.5 weeks to grow 2 inches. That means he'll be as tall as Yao Ming before he is six. Still pretty freakish.


  1. The Tongginator's best friends (twins from Jiangxi) go through growth spurts like that. At six-and-a-half, they are as tall as most eight-year-olds. Their momma has been saying, for years, that they'll slow down at some point, but just last weekend she turned to me - with a resigned sigh - and asked, "will they EVER stop?"

  2. My 14 year old grew 2 inches in 2 weeks last month. He's been back and forth to Children's for his broken arm and he grew that much in between appointments. Growth spurts can be crazy!

    Of course, he is still short for his age, so he's not complaining. ;-)