Monday, July 13, 2009

USCIS likes us... kinda...

Today we got a provisional approval for our I-800 form from USCIS. This is good. It means things are moving and people are looking at our paperwork. It's a whole lot better than not getting our provisional approval.

But I'm relieved more than excited. This is news while waiting, which is nice, but it doesn't mean there's an end to the waiting.

Dum de dum. Still waiting. Lalala.

What I'm mostly concerned with is the construction. It's still moving ahead very slowly. The adoption process is occurring much more quickly. I've already told the foreman that if we head over to China before he's done, he'll have 2 weeks to hurry up and finish and get his stuff out of my house, because I would prefer it if I could bring my baby home to a quiet, complete house. (And I will not tolerate otherwise.)


  1. Yikes! I hope you're getting some good weather so that they can make some good progress soon!

  2. It was sunny today...

    I just wish they'd finish. This is stressing me out.