Friday, July 24, 2009

Leaky roof crisis

It's 4:00 AM and I'm up maintaining the buckets on our unfinished second floor. We're getting the remnants of a tropical storm. Normally I enjoy storms, but that's when my family and I are safe and dry inside our house. That is not the case tonight. Husband'o'mine just finished his shift, and the rest of the night is mine.

There are no full gushes, but the drips are so widespread, I'm still having to mop it up every half hour. Last weekend a leak penetrated the floor and the kitchen ceiling, and dripped all over the kitchen.

We don't have a roof yet, you see. The rubber roof was to be installed in June, but June had barely 3 nonrainy days the whole month, and certainly not 3 in a row. The builders need a guaranteed 3 days in a row with no rain, none of them Sundays, and it ain't happening.

The relentless rain and humidity is causing us water damage before the addition is even finished. It's really infuriating and there's no end in sight.

There's nothing I can do except stay up and mop up the puddles between the buckets and tubs every half hour. I called the builder; he offered to come and mind it with me, but he can't actually fix it in the middle of the night with the rain pouring down. He tried yesterday to patch every weak spot on the tarp and tape every seam, and it wasn't good enough to prevent this epic amount of leakage.

I told him to get some sleep. We'd handle it, and he could do damage control in the morning.

Mmm, I could totally fall asleep in this computer chair.... but the storm keeps jolting me awake. Gotta go mop again.

EDIT: Good morning! Ah yes, sleep dep delirium; I know it well. I can function despite the swimmy vision and the mental cloudiness. I've done it before. The builders are arriving so I shall hand the mess over to them and get some data entry done.


  1. Ack! I sure hope that they were able to accomplish something today to make it better! That really stinks. =(

  2. Ugh....soooo sorry. Hopefully you'll have blue skies soon.

  3. No blue skies yet... but the all-nighter was successful. We managed to protect our house. Yay!