Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Home office, with/without baby

I'm in the middle of a mind-blowingly tedious bookkeeping task. The house is quiet (except for the drill and the electric screwdriver) and I'm able to work blissfully uninterrupted. I'm glad I'm getting this task done before the baby comes.

I've been told that working from home with a baby - and no nanny - is extremely difficult. The social worker thought it was excellent, and I'm sure it's excellent for the child in many, many ways. I'm not sorry I'm doing it, for his sake. But for my sake... we'll see. If I must, I can do my work after he goes to bed.

I'm not sure what else people would expect me to do. It amazes me when people talk about job and parenting options. This option is better than that option... staying at home is better than working full-time... working in an office is better than working at home.

Who are these people who have options?

I suppose I could hunt for another job if i want to. But I like my job, I like my company, and all of my coworkers telecommute. As long as I get it all done, I can do it anytime, day or night. If data entry is made more difficult by a fussing, clingy child, well... data entry is made more difficult by the construction workers blowing out the power once per hour, too, and I work through that.

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