Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kung fooooooo!

AwesomeCloud had his free trial kung fu lesson yesterday. It was hilarious. The class consisted of him, in all his three years and two days old glory, plus two very blonde three-year-old girls whose moms were there with coupons, plus five or six four-to-six-year-olds wearing their gis.

Cloud followed every instruction, including ones not meant for him. For example:

Instructor: "Cloud, you stand right here. Very good. Now Julie, you stand here-- no, no, Cloud, this is Julie's spot. Cloud, stand right here. Very good!"

Cloud: "Yaaaay!"

Instructor: "Okay, now Julie... you stand here. No, Cloud-- okay, fine, Cloud, stand here, and Julie, stand over... here. Good. Cloud, no. Go back over there. I'm trying to get you all in a line. Stand right here, like this. Now Alex, stand... No, Cloud, stand over there. Over there. Okay, fine, Alex, you stand over there."

He was so cute, though, that nobody seemed to mind much. All us parents were looking through the window and laughing our heads off.

The sifu, owner of the dojo, talked us into two sessions a week for eight weeks. Kung fu will end up being, well, not exactly the cheapest activity ever, but probably very good for him. It'll improve his coordination and listening skills. We've already started practicing the exercises at home - if we can get him to remain on his belly during push-ups, and sticking his arms in the air for jumping jacks, he will be able to pass off some semblance of cooperating and following directions.

And... someday... he'll be able to say, "I've been taking kung fu since two days after my third birthday."

Is that worth the money? I'll have to ask him someday.


  1. lol! That image of him following every direction the instructor gave is just great! And then "yaaay!" haha! I hope he has fun!

  2. He is having fun. He asks to do the exercises at home. Today was our second session, and I signed paperwork and stuff, so I guess we're in for it now!