Sunday, March 27, 2011

In regards to the nuclear power plant crisis in Japan

I have deep concern for the citizens of Japan who are suffering from the toxic fallout of the damaged power plants. I feel for the self-sacrificing heroes who are trying to control the problem, and for their families who have to sit by helplessly and take care of themselves.

I've never been a big proponent of nuclear power. I understand the argument that we need more power, that nuclear is more sustainable than fossil fuels, yada yada. That the consequences of a fossil fuel related catastrophe can be bad, too. (for instance, the BP oil spill.)

However, I prefer the austerity approach. I believe in using less energy for the sake of using less energy. I believe in turning off lights and turning down heat. I believe in small houses and fuel-efficient cars - as few as a family can stand to live with. I believe in subsistence gardening and natural landscaping. I believe in staycations (or at least crashing with friends when traveling, when we can). I believe in yard sales and thrift shops.

"Demand" is such an unpleasant word. I believe we should ask nicely for our power, and use it like we cherish it.

Speaking of austerity, I think we're going to be practicing some extra austerity in this household. It's beginning to dawn on us that kung fu for three-year-olds is such a novel concept because the people who send their three-year-olds to kung fu are... how shall I say this... a tiny bit more affluent than us.

I have some ideas, though. Easy, low-effort, non-disruptive ideas - the best kind.

I only have two of them, though.

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