Thursday, February 3, 2011

It must be cabin fever

I've been unusually cynical and sarcastic on this blog, haven't I? Not quite ranty, fortunately, but I seem to be looking down on my hypothetical audience. Any real people reading this should rest assured that I still respect you.

Among AwesomeCloud's great accomplishments today was drawing in a library book for the first time. With a pen, of course. He is no longer at the age where I can keep all pens and paper products safe from him. Not in the House of 4000 Books and almost as many pens.

Another great accomplishment was that he climbed up on my knees while I was sprawled on the couch, attempting to read the library book (before the pen incident) and shouted, "Top!" He shouted it until I said "Top" too.

Yay top.

In hindsight, I think the library book was specifically targeted. It was taking my attention away from him, and therefore when he found the opportunity to deface something, it was the obvious choice.

He also went way out of his way to get it, leaning over several other things made of paper to reach it on the other side of the kitchen table while I was busy doing other things. It looks targeted to me. Umm. That doesn't help me figure out what to do about it, though. Stop getting library books? I dunno. I like library books.

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