Sunday, February 27, 2011

AwesomeCloud, pet photographer

AwesomeCloud loves things with buttons. That includes cameras. He's taken pictures before, but I've been giving him instructions and his skills are improving. He can now point the camera at the desired subject. He can also push the button when I tell him to. He can't frame the photo yet, but with a little trial and error, he can at least get the cat into the photo some of the time. This morning he was chasing Riley around with the camera, with some encouragement from me.

Here she is practicing her favorite pastime - searching for forgotten morsels of dry food on the kitchen floor.

Later I found a piece of yarn, and Riley chased the yarn while Cloud chased Riley.

Melody noticed the yarn and had to play, too, but she absolutely refused to face the camera.

Then Cloud and I switched roles and I got a couple of decent shots of him and Riley playing together. Forgive the mess in the living room. I have no clever excuses. It's just a toy-strewn living room, and that's that.

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