Thursday, January 27, 2011

The most boring snow day ever

No, really. It was. I'd tell you all about it, but there's nothing to tell. It was exceedingly boring.

As an example of how boring it was, I'll give you three highlights.

AwesomeCloud and Daddy played three games of Candyland. Actually, this was pretty cool in a "he's growing up" kind of way. He grasped the concept of taking turns, and of counting squares, but he wasn't very good at finding the right colors. He did find the correct picture of a candy, though, after he drew a picture card. Then everybody cheered, regardless of who won, because on a day like this you'll cheer about anything for any reason.

Yesterday I was breaking kindling and I injured my left hand. There was a round splinter in the palm of my hand - curious, indeed, but not easily removable with pliers. Today I wore a bandaid all day, and one winter glove to keep the bandaid in place, and also to keep grabby Cloud-hands from digging into my wound. And I didn't wash any dishes. (Except the ones I did wash.)

I drew an Africanized honeybee. Well, I pencilled it yesterday. I just inked it today.

Yesterday, while pencilling, I also read a graphic novel called "The Alcoholic" by Jonathan Ames. It was such an intense story, I kept getting disoriented and thinking, "What am I doing in this guy's head? I don't think like that!" The character's relentless self-destructiveness was like a hammer to my brain. It was an extremely clear picture of one of the trademark struggles of addicts - the guilt of knowing that they are the source of their own tragic problems, while people around them have tragic problems that aren't their fault. They may feel they don't have the right to suffer; that they never earned the right to suffer.

The book stabbed me right in the heart.

Nothing like that happened today. Today I did some word puzzles and wore a glove all day.

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