Friday, January 7, 2011

Everybody's getting fat except Mama Cat

The whole family is adjusting to our new cat care regimen. Riley and I have it hardest, as I'm the feeder of the cats and dispenser of the medication, and Riley has suddenly had her delicious dry food removed from her diet.

Hey, she likes pureed chicken. She always begs for it when I scoop some out for Ban Lu. Now she gets it every day, every meal, exclusively.

What's that? She didn't want the pureed chicken exclusively? She wanted her chicken and cat food too? Aw. That's just too bad.

She's also on prednisone, probiotics, and now THREE hyperthyroid pills a day. Poor cat.

And poor me, having to give all that to her.

She's lost so much weight recently, though. She went from 11 lbs to 7 lbs, after coming home from the shelter at 9 lbs and then gaining those two more pounds quickly. Riley is now the lightest cat we've owned since Trixie came limping home half-dead and dangerously emaciated. In Trixie's case, she was so sick and hungry that she voluntarily ate cat food infused with multivitamins. She must have developed a taste for those nasty, bitter multivitamins, because once we fattened her back up to a healthy 7-8 lbs again, she would still eat them.

Riley eats anything, but then she always has. The vet hopes that controlling her out-of-control thyroid hormone levels will clear up her other problems. The vet also assured me that the kidney problem is not degenerative and may clear up too. Thank goodness. Because when Riley feels lousy, she picks fights with Ban Lu, and Ban Lu is only getting chunkier over time.

Kind of like the people in this household. Even AwesomeCloud is gearing up for another growth spurt. (I can't BELIEVE how much food that kid can put down! Who eats three helpings of mac&cheese with spinach for lunch? And then begs for cookies not ten seconds after I've cleared his plate?)

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  1. Love the play on words in your title! Hope your kitty is on the mend really soon.