Monday, January 10, 2011

Laugh, and the whole world laughs with y--Blue Prius!

AwesomeCloud has the world's most contagious laugh. When he laughs, everyone in the room laughs, every time. And he laughs a lot.

Today we were hanging out in the library with the train table and a parenting book, and Cloud kept finding various things hilarious. The floppy Madeline doll whose legs kick every which way when you hold her by the back of the neck and make her dance - hilarious. Two trains crashing together - hilarious. All the animals falling out of the animal truck when you pull it by the string - hilarious.

Every time Cloud squealed in laughter, we'd hear the children's librarian laughing too. Whether she was at her desk, minding her own business, or shelving books on the opposite side of the room, he'd laugh and then she'd laugh.

Then a mom started to do it too.

And me, of course. I have never laughed so much in the course of a day at any point of my life as i do now. Every day it's like this. I almost can't believe it's me laughing so much. But what else can I do? Everyone is helpless under the spell of the Kid With the Contagious Laugh.

The adult-section librarian walked in, sidestepped two shrieking, giggling kids (my son and the other mom's son, who were playing some variation of hide-and-seek for kids too young to understand real hide-and-seek), and headed right for me.

"Hi," I said. Cloud stopped and stared.

She bent down, and in a very librarian-like whisper, she whispered over the racket, "Do you have a gray car with license plate such-and-such?"

"Nope," I whispered back. "We have a blue Prius."

"All right," she whispered, and set off, presumably to keep searching for the errant car owner. Cloud watched her go, and then he ran up to me and announced, "Boo Peeus!"

And he repeated "Boo Peeus" every five or ten minutes for the rest of the time we were there. And everyone laughed. We couldn't help it. "Boo Peeus" was obviously the funniest thing he, or any of us, had heard all day.

Plus, he gets bonus points for stringing two words together.

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