Sunday, May 16, 2010

My brother and sister-in-law spent the weekend, and they brought their old aquarium. We set it up while Cloud was out with Daddy, and then we all went out to a seafood restaurant for lunch. After that, we went to the pet store to get fish.

Fish! Six of them! AwesomeCloud is very interested in them, although I'm probably more so.

If I'd known how much I'd enjoy having an aquarium, I might have gotten one sooner.

Or not. We've always had something else going on. Living in tiny apartments, or cats, or something.

Uncle Chris also helped us assemble Cloud's red car. He hasn't figured out how to propel it forward yet, but he can get hours of entertainment out of it. Instead of riding it around the driveway, he leaves it in one place, gets in, gets out, runs a few steps, runs back, gets in, gets out...

I can't explain the fascination with entering and exiting a car repeatedly. I just stood and watched, and occasionally rescued the car when it rolled backwards into the hydrangeas.

I'm not kidding about the "hours" part. The attention span on this kid is amazing. He's only two! And full of energy! You'd think he'd flit from one thing to another, but when he gets going on a certain task, it's hard to distract him.

Unless you offer him baked goods. His obsession with baked goods is even greater than his glee over the plastic car.

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  1. I LOVE a fish tank. It seems so calm and serene in there. We need a new red car too....