Friday, May 14, 2010

Austerity measures

So Greece is forcing its people to practice austerity measures.

Austerity measures... sounds good to me! Why are the Greeks violently protesting? Seriously, why? The answer to a nationwide financial meltdown is violence? And they actually DISLIKE austerity measures?


I think I'll practice my own austerity measures.




I know the Chinese government was all gung ho about the idea that AwesomeCloud was being adopted into a life of wealth and luxury and opportunity... hell, the opportunity is absolutely true. He has tons of opportunity, and we plan to encourage him to do good things in his life.

However, we live within our means. Maybe, sometimes, even a little below our means. (That's how we managed to remain unaffected by the recession.)

Austerity - it's more valuable than two mortgages on your McMansion and a yearly tropical cruise.

The Greeks are doing it wrong.

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