Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Plans (updated with new art!)

Tomorrow is Earth Day. It is celebrated the world over, but I just read a news article that claimed only 2% of the world plans to participate this year. How sad. Don't you appreciate this lovely planet we live on, its resources, your local ecosystems, and the fresh air and greenery that surrounds us?

(If you're not surrounded by fresh air and greenery... well... we environmentalists are working on it! Hang in there!)

So, who out there has plans?

My plan is to draw some more. I'm working on Issue #2 of "Unpopular Species," a series of minicomics about some of the critters and plants that are less loved. Here's the cover of the first issue:

Unpopular Species #1

It's accidentally appropos to Earth Day. By raising awareness of species that aren't necessarily cuddly but still live among us, I can hopefully remind people that there are lots and lots of reasons to preserve the environment. However, I'm only working on this comic book now because there's a comic show this Saturday and we need more books to sell at our table.

AwesomeCloud and Daddy are going to an Earth Day concert in Boston tomorrow. Those are always fun, and Cloud has been doing well at various events and activities, so we hope he'll enjoy a live outdoor concert.

Additionally, I'm going vegetarian for Earth Day. Of all the eco-friendly dietary changes a person can make, eating less meat is at the very top of the list. Every cow we consume does significant damage to the world while it's alive. Every pig and chicken use up valuable resources. Every fish is caught from a struggling, depleted population that cannot handle the strain of human demand. Have some unprocessed veggies and rice instead. That's what I'm having.

In fact, I already started today. And yesterday was low on meat too, except for the Chinese pork dumplings and a bit of leftover chicken. I guess I've had meatlessness on the brain lately.

Now it's your turn. What's your plan? If you don't have one yet, quick, make one up! It can be something little.

ADDENDUM: Here's a sample of Unpopular Species #2. It's a lionfish. It's invasive and very destructive, but it sure is pretty. (Just remember: don't dump your pet fish into the wild. Or any other pets either.)


  1. We are going vegitarian tomorrow too!!! We LOVE veggies soooo much, it won't be that hard. Our boy still loves eggs for breakfast, so we will have those as well.

    Hey!! How about a recent pic of the Awesome one? Glad he is doing well/

  2. I haven't pulled the camera out lately. I'll try to do that.