Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back to Children's, yes, seriously

We had another health scare today. The x-ray found nothing, however, and they didn't admit the kiddo. I have to watch him for more vomiting and refusal of liquids, but hopefully he'll be all right.

His refusal to drink is the most worrisome thing right now. Also, he's been lethargic all day. Last night he didn't look so hot either - when I came to get him from Playtime, he was lounging around on his side looking dazed, and the child care volunteer got very defensive and said he was fine, fine, just great.

I explained to her that it was okay if he felt lousy; he'd just had surgery. It wasn't her fault.

He napped in the car, and now he's napping again. Two naps! Uh oh.

On another note... I HATE THE TEA PARTY!! I spent practically all morning rushing my sick kid to BCH through a massive traffic jam of SUVs, each with one person in them, well after rush hour. Apparently the Tea Party was in town, with Sarah Palin speaking in the Boston Common. %&$# you, Tea Party! Get out of my way!

They all have such big trucks. I wonder why they need all those big trucks. Are they all movers and landscapers?


  1. Wishing him lots of love to feel better soon xxxx

  2. Oh... I am SO sorry. Praying he feels better soon.

  3. Thanks. I think he is feeling better today.