Saturday, June 11, 2011

When in doubt, find a cat

Here's Ban Lu, looking like he belongs to our family with all his books. (Notice "American Lion" directly over his shoulder.)

Cats and books. Books and cats.

I should write something about my son, too. Let's see. Cloud's imaginative play is becoming hilarious. I'm glad he's not waiting until his speech catches up before launching into elaborate play scenarios. Today he rode a (invisible) car, train, and boat with his beanie baby cat, named Cat (played by me) with frequent pauses for cat naps, cat food, and falling off the boat and needing rescuing. It was a very, very repetitive game (I think he fell off the boat between 20 and 30 times in a row! Oh my goodness, the attention span of that child amazes me) but I'm impressed by his ability to innovate.

I'm sure the development charts will tell me his play skills are nothing special. But that's why I threw out the development charts. Every time he does something new, I'm astonished at how much he can do. I have no other child to compare him to, and that's the way I like it.

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  1. Yes, that is exactly how I feel too! I don't care if RoBet is 'just average' in what she is learning to do - it is absolutely amazing to me the connections she is making all the time! For her first birthday, she received a Little People Dollhouse. At first,she would just toss the people around and leave them laying wherever. In just a couple of weeks, she made the leap of understanding that the people should be 'standing' on their feet, so she always puts them standing up. Now, she puts them standing up on the roof, but one thing at a time! Anyway, it just blew my mind that she made that connection so quickly.