Sunday, June 5, 2011

The littlest kung fu master

AwesomeCloud got his orange belt in kung fu yesterday.

My parents were in town for a convention, and they attended the ceremony, as did our local friend. That was really, really great. I think Cloud felt very important, having all those people hugging him and cheering him on. Without them, it might have just felt like one long hour of doing the same old moves he always practices at kung fu, followed by having to walk up to a big table and being handed a new belt.

He is not actually the littlest. One girl is ever-so-slightly littler than him, although she may be older, I don't know. I was proud of how well the little girl did. On normal class days, she and Cloud contend to see who can pay attention the least.

(I jest. They're actually admirably good at following directions, all things considered.)

We got some really nice pictures. I will post the bad ones, as usual, for privacy reasons.

Here he is doing one of the exercises.
Bowing to Sifu.

Small child standing by himself at the big table to receive his belt and certificate.

He wondered aloud whether he'd also earned a sticker, but when we showered accolades all over him for his new belt, he didn't seem too disappointed that there were no stickers.

Apparently many people in the audience squeed about his cuteness. During the exercises, he was doing that adorable thing where he shouts out the commands after the sifu gives them. I suspect that being Asian in a kung fu studio gives him an extra level of attraction. But also, he is just inherently cute.

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