Monday, April 25, 2011

Today's notable moments - boogers and bunnies

Woohoo! I'm back into blogging, it seems. Blog entries several days in a row.

This morning at breakfast, AwesomeCloud said, "Here." And then he handed me a booger.

"A booger," I said. "Hmm. Uh. Thanks." Then I did the "Ew ewwy eww" fuss and dance all the way to the kitchen sink and washed it off.

After breakfast I took him to the "BIG playground." That's the playground that was designed and built for disabled children, with all the latest bells and whistles and playground technology, that Lenore Skenazy would probably mock because of its numerous safety features, but AwesomeCloud loves it. It's just so BIG. Also, it's right next to a baseball field, so parents can let their kids roam free if we want to.

(On the other side of the baseball field is a rusty old fire engine thing, and a real, authentic, vintage metal slide, just like the kind I grew up with, and it is probably almost as old as I am. I hope nobody comes along and removes it, because I want to show it off to AwesomeCloud in a couple of years, when he's old enough to appreciate the phrase, "When Mama and Dad were little...")

It was only 8:00 AM when we arrived at the playground, and we were essentially alone except for two siblings whose parents also thought it would be cool to bring them to a playground at 8:00 AM. It was a bit of nature out there. We graaaked like the grackles, whistled with the cardinals, and then...

...we saw rabbits.

Four of them.

I let Cloud try to sneak up on them. He was awesome. He moved slowly and quietly and he got pretty close to one rabbit before it bolted.

Then he forgot himself and shouted back at me, something about how wonderful it was to be close to wild rabbits, I'm sure, although it sounded more like, "Dee daum!"

"Yes, I know!" I replied in a stage whisper. "Rabbits are pretty cool!"

Then he turned in time to see the last of the rabbits disappear into the tangled underbrush.

Then we ran the bases on the baseball field.

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