Monday, April 18, 2011

Cats by name

AwesomeCloud has started to refer to the cats by their names. Previously, he'd been calling them all "cat" and only tried to say their names when he was imitating daddy or me. Now he makes a point of properly identifying each cat on his own.

Riley is "Aye-ee" or sometimes "Rye-ee." Melody is the hardest to understand: "Eh-dee" or even sometimes "Eh-ee." He loves to say Ban Lu's name; sometimes he even yodels it: "Bah-OOoooh!"

Ban Lu hates it when his name is yodeled. When he hears it, he flees, because he knows that sound is always accompanied by an exuberant toddler.


Yesterday we got free loam from the local transfer station. Every year the transfer station puts out a gigantic pile of loam and a gigantic pile of wood chips for the people in town to take for ourselves. It gets snatched up pretty quickly - all the landscapers and construction workers fill their flatbed trucks and trailers. We just use storage bins in the back of our Prius, so we have to work harder to get less.

Cloud woke up from his nap (what little nap he managed to take) to discover that I was too busy spreading loam to pay attention to him. I gave him water, but no snack, and then I dumped the howling child on Daddy while I went out to finish the job. When Daddy took him outside, though, things changed. He stomped in the loam. He tried to rake it flat. When I stuck my rake in his pile to help him flatten it, he cried, "No! Mine!"

"Mine" is his new favorite word, although he confuses it with "Yours" sometimes. He also mixes up "me" and "you" somewhat arbitrarily.

Today we will get more loam, and then I don't know what we'll do for the rest of the day.

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