Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You'd think all of our music was obscene

Our poor EI teacher. She's a wonderful, sweet woman who loves AwesomeCloud and is so good with him. She thinks up very creative games to play with him, many of them involving jumping around. (She's working on his gross motor skills.) She was trying to do everything just right, and she came very close.

What thwarted her? Our music collection.

Now, in our defense, we have a very eclectic music collection. Much of it is kid-friendly and has no bad words or objectionable concepts at all. Some of it, like classical, has no words. There's warm and fuzzy folk, rockin' classic rock, Italian crooners, big band and jazz, block rocking techno beats, and front and center is lots and lots of Christmas music.

It is a mere fluke that she chose the CDs she chose, and ended up with the songs she and my son were attempting to dance to.

I was upstairs with the door open, putting the finishing touches on some documents for my job, when i heard the strains of a song called "The St. Stephen's Day Murders." It's about two sisters whose name was Christmas - one was named Mary and the other named Eve. I guess they had reason to disdain the season, for they murdered all their relatives in ways gleefully and graphically described in the lyrics.

Now, we're not planning to censor our music collection from Cloud too much. We grin at the idea of him singing "Come out you black and tans, come out and fight me like a man" someday when he can string sentences together. We'll explain euphemisms to him when he's ready, and meanwhile let him innocently enjoy songs that aren't very innocent. Come on; we all grew up that way, right? He can, too.

And i like "The St. Stephen's Day Murders." I try to hear it at least once every holiday season.

(Well, now I've heard it.)

Apparently, Cloud and his teacher got a good dancing game going, and when it was over, they perused the CD rack for another danceable song. I heard the teacher say, "What else can we dance to? Oh! World Dance Party! Let's try that."

World Dance Party, by The Fools. First song on the CD? "I Love Your Tits."

(Apparently, though, they had a good dancing game going.)

(I resisted the urge to poke my head downstairs and say, 'Umm...' a second time. But it was hard.)

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  1. Hilarious! I have a singer daughter and a younger daughter who idolizes her. We gave up a long time ago trying to censor the lines that came out of Lily's mouth...even though she's singing most of them incorrectly anyway.