Saturday, December 25, 2010

TRAAAAINNNS!!!! (trains trains OMG trains)

It's been a very trainful Christmas so far.

Rick got to be the Daddy Staying Up Late To Assemble Awesome Christmas Gift From Santa, which was a train table with Thomas the Train set on it.

Then there were some additional trains from a more realistic-looking set, but still compatible with the Thomas train line.

Then Daddy got Empire Builder, the classic German board game. AwesomeCloud picked that one out. I was originally going to choose a different board game, but Cloud kept shouting, "Deen! Deen! DEEEEN!" and pointing to a box further along the shelf. Daddy was thrilled when he opened it. Good choice, Cloud.

I haven't gotten any trains. I will probably continue to not get any trains. :)

The cats got gifts, too. They got a new laser pointer. Melody and Riley love it.

This is Melody chasing the laser dot. She obsesses over getting the dot back when I stop playing with her. It's like having two small children in the house. One clamoring over Thomas the Train, and the other clamoring over the red dot.

Riley eventually got overstimulated and had to go out. Here she is getting some quiet time, while perhaps a bit ruefully looking back at the noise and fun. Poor cat got kicked out of Christmas.

Ban Lu, oddly enough, isn't interested in the laser pointer. He just wanted to rub his cheek against my hand when I offered him the dot to chase. (He's tall enough to do that.) He barely even looked down. Strange cat. I thought no cat could resist the dot. It's like World of Warcraft for cats.

We did Rick's family last night, and today we'll do my family. Gotta leave soon, so I'll wrap this up. (Ha ha, wrap this up!)

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it!


  1. A beautiful and merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Oh, my dogs totally get into the laser pointer. My husband likes to shine it all over the house. It's quite something with about 250 lbs. of dogs crashing into things left and right. My husband thinks it's great fun. I think so too...OUTSIDE!

  3. Happy Christmas to you and yours! And the laser pointer - best! gift! ever! Our cat loves it, although - now that he's a teen - he is only able to keep up for about 10 minutes now. He used to go for at least an hour.