Friday, October 29, 2010

Toy trains, and thinking too far ahead

My son has been fascinated with a giant hobby train in the window of the mall Toys'R'Us.

He's way too young for me to be wondering whether he'll become a toy train hobbyist. But I wonder anyway. Because that's what moms do. We let our minds wander around the world of possible futures. (At least, I do. I've gotten some funny looks from other moms sometimes when I speculate aloud. What do those women think about? Isn't a mind devoid of speculation a pretty dull place?)

So let's say Cloud continues to love trains, and becomes passionate about building train tables with little model houses and fuzzy trees. Would I encourage him? How much? I mean, of course I'm going to encourage him, but how much of the lead am I going to let him take, and how much nudging will I do?

Train hobbyists have convention circuits, you know.

And it also occurs to me that it's not a very big leap from model trains to wargames.


WWII miniatures reenactments with real, working electric trains.

That would be so awesome.

(Yes, I know Cloud is still two years old. I'm just thinking ahead a bit.)

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