Friday, October 22, 2010

Some days, it's not about the kid

Some days, the one responsible for you being at the end of your rope is you.

I finished the tarp and rolled it up. I reassembled the blender and put it downstairs. I took care of the yucky chicken bones. I dealt with an astonishingly gross diaper. And we went to the mall and bought nothing.

That's not a lot of stuff for one morning, but it was still too much for low-energy me. And when Cloud begged for lunch and then spooned his soup all over his side of the kitchen table... he was just being a kid. Soup isn't the worst thing ever to be turned into a toy. But I looked at the soup-covered tabletop, and thought ehhhh, and into the crib he went for an early nap.

Sorry, kid.

I'm napping too... just... upstairs.

(I'll do better next week.)

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