Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm getting stuff done

Today is a Day of Many Phone Calls.

It's such a dreary day that I'm hardly inclined to move. But move I must.

So far I've called Pam the agent and gotten some much-needed clarity and reassurances.

I've called the pediatrician recommended by my local agent, got through (yay!), and made an appointment. I'll need her to tell me how to care for Yun Gui while we're in China, and prescribe me whatever special medical supplies I'll need.

I called both of my co-workers and told them to finish their schedules for April. This isn't adoption-related.

I have two more names on my adoption-related call list and I can't remember who they are. Hmm. Okay, one's a nurse. I'm supposed to ask her for general advice. Like what? I don't even know. Maybe I should talk to the pediatrician first.

Who's the other one? Eep! I can't remember.

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