Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cape Cod Zen Center

I found the Cape Cod Zen Center. (Thanks, Yahoo Yellow Pages!)

I think I'll try attending Tuesday morning meditation. For one, I could use the relaxation. Gardening is pretty zen for me, but adding some meditation with a real group of zen practitioners can't hurt.

For two, it'll give me a chance to get in touch with a little more of my son's culture. Sure, his region is predominantly Confucian. But I don't expect there's a Cape Cod Confucian Center.

Hey, when we bring Yun Gui to our Catholic church, will we get Mass Confucian? Hahaha! I know, I'm so funny.

I'm no stranger to the Eastern spiritual paths, but I've never been much into formal (or informal) practice. This'll be good for me. And I'm sure I'll fit right in - all the zen masters have names like Timothy and Barbara.

They do not appear to have a martial arts school attached. I was really looking for a martial arts school. Husband'o'mine took martial arts at a Buddhist temple when he was a kid, and we'd like to give Yun Gui the same opportunity. But the closest one I found was in Watertown. Hah hah. We're not trekking to Watertown once a week just so Yun Gui can practice his karate chop.


  1. "Hey, when we bring Yun Gui to our Catholic church, will we get Mass Confucian?" You funny, heehee. I laughed anyway.

    There's a guy in our church who teaches judo. He's big into it too, they travel all the time for competitions, but I know they have beginner classes and such as well. My 18yo, 13yo, 12yo, and 10yo all take judo and love it! It's not in a temple though, obviously, but a studio in Mashpee. ;-)

  2. You made me snort, too!

    I suspect he'll be better at the karate chops than the meditation!

  3. Oh and now that I am finally on the computer that lets me comment, let me say--you're actually right about the cats! We have kids now, but we had dogs first, and goofy as it sounds--knowing that repetition works, that consistency is important, that you have to be firm--it actually makes a difference, or at least we always thought it did! (You can tell me, if you meet my kids this summer on the Cape!)

  4. There's also kiddie yoga in a strip mall in Centerville. Martial arts opportunities are pretty good around here, but I was enamored by the Buddhist temple idea. I want my son to get some good, well-rounded spirituality as he grows. And not to rely on his parents for all of it - his mom is a seriously, seriously lapsed Catholic, and his dad is so tight-lipped, nobody on earth knows what he believes. I want Yun Gui to feel like spirituality can be an integral part of everyday life if he chooses to move in that direction. He can come home from... something, if not martial arts lessons specifically... and start deep, meaningful conversations with me. And THEN I'll tell it like it is.

    I'm sure your kids are at least as good as well-behaved dogs, even if they're on their WORST behavior when I meet them. :) Oh well, we'll just give them lots of room to run around.

  5. The Mass Confucion---thanks for the good chuckle---too funny!

    Happy Mother's Day friend! You are still a Mother even if your baby is on the other side of the planet. I hope you are celebrating that today.