Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tiếng Việt Tuesday - snow!

I was joking with a friend on Facebook that the Vietnamese have no word for 'snow', but many words for 'summer'.

But there is a word for snow! It's tuyết.

 Ice is băng, or nước đá which means 'water rock', or just đá if it's in your drink.

Summer is mùa hè, and even though all the seasons here are a type of summer, that's the only term in the phrasebook.

But then for 'hot', we get:

dâm dục: lewd, bawdy, lustful, hot, libidinous, lubricous
dâm đãng: hot
nêm gia vị: hot
nóng: hot, warm, forward, heated
cay: hot, piquant, poignant
nóng nải: eager, hard up, headlong, hot, hotblooded
động cởn: hot
nồng: hot
hăng hái: eager, keen, buoyant, corky, dashing, hot
nồng nhiệt: warm, hot
kịch liệt: intense, vehement, furious, exquisite, fiendish, hot
nứng: hot
sắc tươi quá: hot

I have never heard most of those terms. The one I'm most familiar with is
nóng, as in cà phê nóng, 'hot coffee'.

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