Monday, March 3, 2014

We're moving to Vietnam

Hello, blogosphere! Miss me? Probably not. I stopped blogging when lots of people stop blogging, and for the same reasons - our life has gotten very settled and boring, the kid keeps getting older, and there's nothing to talk about except everyday foibles and incidents. I don't want to write about every visit to the mall and cute drawing that gets taped to the wall. I'd bore mySELF to tears, nevermind you guys!

But now finally something interesting is happening that I can blog about. We've decided to move to Vietnam.

 I keep promising people that I'd keep in touch and take lots of pictures. I told them they could follow my blog as soon as my adventure starts. So then it's just a matter of deciding whether to start a new blog or revive my old one. And I've decided to revive this one, because our life story is really a long continuum, not separate stories, and because some people might already have bookmarked this blog. Or maybe some of my old followers are still around. Who knows.

We're leaving in July. The school year starts in August. There's a lot of prep to do until then. At some point I'll give this blog a makeover with a Vietnam theme, when I have some Vietnam pictures to work with. For now, though, we're on Cape Cod, so I'll blog my thoughts about Vietnam from Cape Cod with my Cape Cod theme. Chao!


  1. Oh wow! What a great motivation to get back into blogging though, hey? Looking forward to it :)

    1. Life can get boring while you're doing other things. Time to shake it up a bit. :)