Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baby's first blizzard

Last time, we got nothing. Barely 5 minutes, no accumulation, washed away by rain. Even Sandwich had notable snow last time! I guess we're just far enough out to sea to have avoided it.

This time, it was a big ol' "classic nor'easter" and it was plenty big enough for some accumulation. We got a foot. Not bad.

Yesterday I split some wood and rearranged the firewood pile to prepare. Today I planned to do a lot of shoveling, but I haven't yet. I've been too busy with the baby, and during naptime, I sewed instead of shoveled.

One of my bushes got destroyed. It must be very heavy, wet snow. *sigh* I should probably give up on that bush. It incurred damage last year, and I spent all summer bracing it and nursing it back to health. It crushes far too easily. It is obviously not a native New England species. Maybe I should replace it with a highbush blueberry.

Somebody linked to my "Culturally Insensitive Adoption Expert" rant. I guess I should appreciate the extra traffic, but instead I just feel sad. Oh well. I hope people come away with something worthwhile. I'm really just popping online today to see if there's any news about the cat. I doubt there will be. The shelter staff is snowed in too, and if they get to the shelter today, they have better things to do than email me.

AwesomeCloud just went out into the snow with Daddy. I guess I should go downstairs and see how it went. We could only find one mitten, and as soon as I put it on his hand, he began to scream bloody violent murder and wouldn't stop. Somebody needs to adapt a little more, methinks.

Late lunch time, now. I made butter noodle mix boiled in water that had previously boiled broccoli and string beans. That way, even if he won't eat the broccoli and string beans, he'll be consuming their nutrients. Through osmosis. Or whatever chemical process inserts essence of veggies into boiled noodles.


  1. How I wish we had just a few inches of snow. The kids are outside playing now without coats. It doesn't feel like Christmas without SOME cold weather.

    Don't laugh....that is a GREAT idea about cooking the noodles in the vegetable water....I have never thought of that. Thanks for the tip. I have a picky veg eater. She will eat corn forever but nothing green....maybe a bean once in a while.

  2. I learned that trick as a teenage vegetarian. My mother agreed to let me become a vegetarian as long as I did my research. One of my favorite recipes was for vegetable stock, which had dozens of uses. You can boil any food in it and the food will become more nutritious. Whaddya know, it works for non-veggie-loving kids too.

  3. Wow! That's a really neat trick! I might have to use that with the husband. =) Cool that you got so much snow! We got one inch and it melted almost completely right away. I guess I'll be happy for that when I drive to work tomorrow morning.

  4. Hey there! I'm the linker... and I thought your post gave others lots of food for thought. I love that you are continuing Mandarin as best you can in your home. We also do the same - my five-year-old and I both take classes.

  5. That title made me chuckle. Seven years later and my oldest is still waiting for a headline like that. I WISH we could have just ONE of those. Just one in my lifetime. That's not too much to ask, is it? Enjoy the snow! It looks beautiful and I am soo envious!

  6. My littles don't like mittens, either. I found some of those elastic clip things from my own childhood, so at least they can't successfully lose their mittens on purpose.