Wednesday, January 28, 2009

USCIS - moving right along!

It felt like time had stalled.

Today, however, we got a call from USCIS. We have a case worker! She promised to work speedily on our dossier so she could send it to China as soon as we get fingerprinted. Then she made us an appointment to get fingerprinted. In Cranston, RI.

That's not so bad. It's 2 weeks from today, but I can hold out that long. I'm just relieved to know that the process is moving forward.


  1. This is a great idea! Welcome to Blogger. :-)

    I have been super boring on my blog lately, just lack of time and inspiration, but I do have a blog in "My Bloggyverse" you may or may not be interested in. It's "Good Title Pending" and it's not limited to their adoption process but she is in the midst of adopting as well and does post about it sometimes. Her husband does as well, his blog is Luke A. Holzmann and can also be found in my sidebar Bloggyverse. I actually discovered their blogs through my review project. He represents one of the vendors and although he didn't choose me to review his product, he did begin reading and commenting on my blog frequently and we exchanged emails about our common hobby of WoW. ;-) I haven't yet asked him why I was good enough to return to and read my personal blog but not review his product. :-P Heehee, not that I'm bitter or anything.

    Ok, this comment is turning into NaNo length! Enough from me.

  2. Maybe he already had enough reviewers chosen when he found you and it's not really a judgment on you? I dunno, just throwing out ideas here. :)

    Is it proper Blogger etiquette to follow a complete stranger's journal? Would I creep these people out by showing up suddenly? Maybe I should comment first. Would that be better?

  3. Aw, thanks for coming up with a way to make me feel better.

    I have had people follow mine who are complete strangers. Didn't weird me out, I just popped over to see who they were. I am always just amazed that anyone reads it in the first place,lol. You could leave a comment though, saying you are adopting as well or whatever.